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Justin Burnett @justinburnett

Freelance Designer
at J.H. Burnett Creative in Fort Erie, Canada

Available Freelance or Fulltime

I am a freelance designer, illustrator, and writer producing identities and brand collateral that strives to be indelible, striking, and enduring. I have gained recognition throughout my nine years of professional experience for my minimalist approach to design that is heavily influenced by the Contemporary, Scandinavian, and Swiss styles.

I am currently looking to work with existing businesses, new entrepreneurs, registered charitable organizations, and individuals. I am a Canadian–U.S. citizen that is also interested in connecting with recruitment agencies in the United States and Canada.


Momentum Medical Technologies, Legacy Dental Arts, the Law Offices of Jennifer A. Hurley, Peter M. Vito & Associates, Kame & Kettle Beer Works, Brimstone Brewing Company, Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority


Graphic design, illustration, writing



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